The Ojai Cook

The Ojai Cook® began in 1985 with a variety of citrus-based condiments and other specialty food items. These products celebrated and utilized the bountiful fruit harvests from the many groves of California's Ojai Valley, the region from which this unique and imaginative brand was born.

In 2005, The Ojai Cook® was acquired by Q&B Foods, Inc.'s Branded Products Division. Today it has become an award-winning national brand whose original classic products (such as Lemonaise® Gourmet Flavored Mayos) are still a top seller and may be found at most Whole Foods Stores. Additionally, the brand has grown to also include a line of Broil & Barbeque Marinades offering three distinctive flavor profiles inspired by regional and international cuisines. Currently there are three new intriguing and exotic flavors under development.

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